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About Apis Health Angels

About APIS Health Angels

APIS Health Angels is an investment group formed to help healthcare startups seek funding, invite new investors to dip their toes in the healthcare investing world, and grow the healthcare startup community. Conferences are held twice a year for startups to network, pitch their companies, and attempt to wow investors for an investment opportunity. We also hold workshops often for startups and investors to learn more about running businesses, seeking investment, and investing. This is a perfect springboard to meet investors and fine-tune your message. And offers a chance to win up to a $200k investment!
Angel Conference for startups seeking funding to start a business
6 Month Program
40+ Startups
40 Investors
Enter your company in the APIS Health Angel Conference to win funding for your health startup

Sparking growth in the health startup community with educational resources for investors and startups

Early startup founders are still building a bedrock of competencies and business fundamentals. The first steps in our program are dedicated to assisting in this. Our Workshops are free, virtual, and recorded for your convenience.
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Learn about participating in the APIS Health Angel Conference as an investor. Find out if you qualify as an accredited investor, learn how the conference works, and submit an interest form.
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Learn about participating in the APIS Health Conference as a company seeking funding.
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Round 1 Winner of the APIS Health Conference

Cohort 1 Conference was a success! Our first APIS conference has been completed and was a very fruitful experience for both startups and investors. Our first winner was Kairos Technologies, a health startup focused on saving lives through medical adhesion barriers. Their goal is to use their technology to become the standard for cardiac surgeries and to save and improve the lives of children and other cardiac patients.
Learn More About Kairos TechnologiesRead the Geekwire article
Karios Technologies
Angel Conference investing funding and networking event

Cohort 2 Dates

Company Application Deadline: Jan 26, 2023
Investor Review starts: Feb 2, 2023
Demo Day: April 20, 2023
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Meet our team

Mary Waiss APIS 2 fund manager

APIS 2 Fund Manager: Mary Waiss

Announcing Mary Waiss who will be the Apis 2 Cohort Fund Manager. Mary was a company founder in SAC 1 and 2 and is pleased to return as the Fund Manager. Mary is an accomplished entrepreneur, organizational leader, and board member with a demonstrated track record of success helping biotechnology, life science, and healthcare technology organizations maximize their market potential. She is a recognized expert in healthcare product commercialization, able to draw upon a career-long combination of business acumen, clinical credentials, and strategic insight to develop innovative (and often disruptive) new products and business models for improving healthcare access. Mary has a history of leading fundraising efforts among the angel investing and VC communities.
Elizabeth Cross Nichol program manager for APIS Health Angel conference

Program Manager: Elizabeth Cross Nichol

"The Health Innovation space is flourishing. There are great opportunities to make a difference in how we provide services to patients, manage the administrative offerings around care delivery, and reduce costs but magnify benefits. If you have an idea with a clear product-market fit we invite you to join us."
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