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Chris Sasiela and Steve Flaim

Chris Sasiela is the NIH SEED innovative support lead. Steve is a NHLBI Special Advisor

Dr. Sasiela has over a decade of experience providing support and consultation to academic innovators and small businesses engaged in therapeutic, device, and diagnostic development programs. As the Innovator Support Team Lead in SEED (Small business Education and Entrepreneurial Development) in the Office of Extramural Research at the National Institutes of Health, Chris coordinates the activities of a team of seasoned professionals with experience in product and business strategy, business development, fundraising, partnerships, reimbursement, and regulatory affairs. Chris is passionate about enabling NIH’s innovator community to progress their discoveries as far as science and human biology permit. Starting her career as a researcher, Chris worked in basic research at the University of Southern California and the University of Maryland, and in drug discovery, development, and improvement groups at Baxter, the Department of the Army, and the National Cancer Institute. Chris transitioned from a research to a regulatory career path.  She regularly conducts project-focused consultations, delivers educational seminars, and develops regulatory resources for internal and external audiences.‍Stephen F. Flaim, holds many roles including with NHLBI as a Senior Special Advisor & Investor in Residence. He is on the Board at the Angel Capital Association and an  Active Leader in Techstars. A senior pharmaceutical executive with management experience in R&D and operations, Steve is very familiar with health care products development.

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