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Mary Waiss

Mary-Pierre Waiss is an experienced CEO, Investor and advocate for those working in Health Innovation

I am the founder and board member of a company called Precision Image Analysis, which often goes by the abbreviation PIA. We have created a solution to help radiologists and cardiologists with the analysis of their MRI and CT images. We’re using a cloud-based solution to create economic benefits and improve standardization.Early in my career, I had the good fortune to spend time with some of the pioneers in diagnostic ultrasound. I live in the Seattle area and there was quite a bit of research being done at the University of Washington in diagnostic ultrasound and some very important technology came out of the university that became the foundation for the field of ultrasound. I think watching that and seeing how that happened inspired me to want to do the same and to find new ways to use technology to help improve health care through innovation.I have been investing in health innovation through my own company, with others, and now, I am pleased to participate as an upcoming Fund Manager (SPV) for Apis Health Angels. I participated in SAC 1. My company did not win, but we became a stronger organization because of it, and went on to great success. The structure and the dialogue helps to get companies investor-ready. As Apis Health Angels investors have an interest in health innovation, the dialogues should be richer. Questions on how you might participate? Contact me at mwaiss@outlook.com

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