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Understanding the Emotions of a Pitch!


Understanding the Pitch Process is important for founders and for investors.

Our goal at Apis Health Angels is to create more and better entrepreneurs and investors. A big part of the lives of entrepreneurs and investors is developing and receiving a pitch, respectively. As an early-state technology investor it is important to watch and listen to as many investor pitches from startup entrepreneurs as possible. As you find live or recorded opportunities, think about whether the pitching companies are at a comparable stage to the companies that you will be listening to. Someone pitching for the $2Million investment is going to have a lot more polish (and traction) than someone at the early first raise stage. Our Seattle Angel Conference youtube has pitches of previous final events.

So what are some tips for watching. You want to pay close attention to how you feel. Take notes on this. What part of a pitch made you excited? Was it something on the slide or something the presenter said? What parts bored you? What parts were believable, or maybe even unbelievable? Why do you think you felt this way?  In the end, did the presenter leave you wanting to ask questions to learn more about what they are doing? Did you find reasons to say "yes" to a deeper encounter.

As you watch more pitches (and go back to those notes you might have compiled) you will refine what components that you are looking for in a pitch, and perhaps the order that you want to hear them, but more importantly you will begin to identify the connections that you have with the presenter. While hard, quantifiable data studied in cold cognition is very important in making an investment decision, understanding what compels or repels you emotionally to, or from, an investment opportunity is also an important element to understand..

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